Scams in Accounting/Tax Services

In recent weeks there has been an increase in scams. Whether this is a threat of arrest, an overdue tax bill or even being involved with an unregistered tax agents. This short blog is on how to identify a scam, and how to have trust in your accounting service and team.

Australia Tax Office (ATO) Scams

  • The ATO will not have a warrant out for your arrest.
  • The ATO will not ask for your bank details.
  • The ATO will not threaten you in any way.

If the ATO do have a genuine question for you regarding your tax matters or are chasing a debt they will reach out to your accountant first, providing they are a registered agent. If the agent cannot answer the query on your behalf, they will be granted a certain period of time in which to make their investigation or queries of you in order to provide the ATO with a response.

If any of these calls happen – you do not have to give out your details or be concerned. If you are at all unsure you can ask for them to contact your registered tax agent to discuss anything urgent.

Are you using a registered tax agent? 

There are many people who state they are an accountant/accounting service who are not registered tax agents. This can be checked via the tax practitioners board online. You can search your accountants full name and see if they are registered and what their tax agents number is. For example Empire Business Solutions tax agent number is – 25767922.

It is important to use a registered tax agent so you are getting correct and professional advice on your tax matters. The link to check this is:

If in doubt of any scams feel free to reach out to our team.