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Empire is a dedicated team of qualified accountants, tax agents, and bookkeepers with real lived industry experience. We get it… building a business is hard in an industry that faces judgement and discrimination. You are your own brand. We understand your unique requirements and work with you as part of your team to legitimise your business and help you build your own EMPIRE!

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The FIRST all-female accounting & bookkeeping firm, run by adult industry workers, for the adult industry!

Empire Industry Finance helps you dominate your finances and stay on top, bringing your business out of the the bedroom so you get the best of both worlds!

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As a sole proprietor in the adult industry, you are subject to the same income tax and deductions as those who earn a salary or wage.

There are quite a few things that can be claimed on tax. For example, purchasing consumables, such as lubricants, gels, tissues, etc. You can also claim a tax deduction for the cost of sex toys and equipment (e.g. vibrators) you purchase for your work.

An establishment in the sex industry that is required to register for GST includes GST in the amount charged to clients and submits the GST to the ATO.

GST will be charged by individual sex workers depending on the manner in which payments are arranged and whether the individual:

  • Has an Australian business number (ABN)

  • GST registration is in effect.

GST credits cannot be claimed by workers who are not registered for GST.

GST is paid by sole traders and businesses making more than $75,000.

  1. Tax planning and compliance: A sex worker accountant can help with tax planning and ensure that clients are compliant with the tax laws in Australia.
  2. Financial advice: Accountants can provide valuable financial advice and guidance, helping clients make informed decisions about their finances.
  3. Record keeping and bookkeeping: Accountants can assist with maintaining accurate financial records, which is crucial for running a business and meeting legal requirements.
  4. Business planning: Accountants can assist with business planning, including creating financial projections and identifying areas for cost savings.
  5. Auditing and assurance: Accountants can perform audits and provide assurance services to ensure that financial statements are accurate and reliable.
  6. Representation: Accountants can represent clients in dealings with government agencies and other organisations.
  7. Specialisation: Sex worker accountants specialise in this niche which provides more specific and targeted advice and services to sex workers.


Concession ITR $129
Basic ITR $169
Basic Sole Trader $309
Premium Sole Trader $499
Deluxe ITR $349 – Includes two schedules
Deluxe Sole Trader $849
Rental Schedule $179
Capital Gains Tax Schedule $179
Crypto Calculations $179
PDF Conversion Fee from $79
Fee From Refund $50
Logbook Calculation $129