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Meet Rachel

“The pandemic has made people realise the importance of income tax. In regards to accessing government supports that we saw during COVID. If you were not claiming your income, it would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to then go on job keeper.”

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Meet Aimée

I’m a proud sex worker, who still does online sex work, runs my own Apparel Business and now a shop front in my town.

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Meet Frankie

Frankie is actually my cat’s name – so it was easy to answer to! Plus she’s a very loud, sassy, slutty ginger so it works!

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Self-Care In The Industry

The adult industry thrives toward the end of the year and many of us have our best income-generating months. How do you decide how best to survive the endless job opportunities, later shifts or last-minute text messages?

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Sex Work in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 affected all and is still affecting some of the areas of the economy including sex work. Much like the movie Hustlers, most have had to get creative with

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Concession ITR $129
Basic ITR $169
Basic Sole Trader $309
Premium Sole Trader $499
Deluxe ITR $349 – Includes two schedules
Deluxe Sole Trader $849
Rental Schedule $179
Capital Gains Tax Schedule $179
Crypto Calculations $179
PDF Conversion Fee from $79
Fee From Refund $50
Logbook Calculation $129