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Navigating the silly season: self-care tips for sex workers

Navigating the silly season: self-care tips for sex workers

The end of the year often marks the busiest season for the adult industry. During this time, opportunities seem endless, and the income potential soars. In the spirit of supporting sex workers during this bustling holiday season, we have gathered some valuable insights from industry professionals to help you thrive while prioritizing self-care.

Self-Care: A necessity

The festive season can be a whirlwind for anyone in the adult industry, making self-care a necessity. Here are some practical self-care ti

Fuel Your Body

Maintain a healthy diet by carrying nutritious snacks at work or between jobs. Keeping your immune system strong is essential to avoid getting sick.

Me time

Schedule a day off and stick to it. Regardless of tempting inquiries or last-minute calls, designate a day for yourself.

Connect with loved ones

While work might be demanding, remember to cherish the festive season with friends and family. Keeping these connections alive is crucial for your well-being.

Relax and unwind

Treat yourself to a hot bath and a Netflix session. Simple yet effective, these small pleasures often get overlooked during this busy time.

Financial wisdom-save and budget

Saving money might seem overwhelming, but it’s a crucial step toward financial security. Start with a budget and assess your income and spending habits. Consider the following:

Budget Tracking

Do you know your weekly or monthly earnings? When was the last time you evaluated your spending patterns?

Bookkeeping support

If you need assistance in tracking your income, expenses, and savings, it might be time to consider professional bookkeeping services. You might even be approaching the GST threshold.

Balancing work and self-care

The eternal question in the adult industry is whether to accept that one more booking, extend your night, or create one more enticing post. Here’s the balance:

Learn to say no

It’s perfectly acceptable to decline job offers, even if the money is tempting. Remember, there will always be more opportunities.

Hustle smart

During the festive season, people tend to be generous and in high spirits. Don’t hesitate to ask for a tip or suggest an extra sale. The season is ideal for being assertive.


For more information on bookkeeping and financial support, feel free to reach out to Empire Industry Finance for package options. Visit our website ( or check out our Instagram (@empire_industry) to book a free consultation and discuss how our services can help you achieve your goals for 2021. This holiday season, remember that self-care and financial well-being are keys to thriving in the adult industry.



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