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Self-Care In The Industry

Self-Care In The Industry

We all know the silly season can be a whirlwind for anyone in the adult industry! The adult industry thrives toward the end of the year and many of us have our best income-generating months. How do you decide how best to survive the endless job opportunities, later shifts or last-minute text messages? 2020 has made this especially difficult as we have just gone through a pandemic where many of us lost our income entirely. Empire Industry Finance has some hot tips that have been brought together by a variety of adult workers for you this holiday season.


Self-care is important during the busier seasons as it is easier to burn out when you are on the go constantly. Here are some self-care tips from sex workers:

  • Eat well – carry healthy snacks on you at work or between jobs, this way you can avoid getting sick and run down
  • Have time to yourself – schedule a day off – no matter what enquiry comes through, or what manager calls you in – today is a day for you
  • Catch up with friends and family. The festive season is also for us to enjoy also! It is important to keep your connections, even when you are under the pump with work.
  • Have a hot bath & watch some Netflix – this is an easy one, but many of us in this time forget to do the little things.


  • If 2020 taught us anything, it is to save. Saving money can seem daunting but it is a good idea to start with a budget, do you know how much you make each week, or each month? When was the last time you assessed your spending habits?
  • Do you need bookkeeping to track your income/expenses/saving? Are you about to hit GST level? For more information about bookkeeping contact Empire Industry Finance for package options.

Go hard or go home?

The constant battle of, one more booking, one more night, one more post. Should you go hard or go home?

  • Say no – it is ok to say no to jobs even when the money may be tempting, but there will always be another booking, or another night to earn that income
  • You can also still hustle – people are often generous and are in happy spirits in the silly season. You could ask for a tip at the end of a booking or ask for an extra sale it is a great time of year to be more forward with asking for a little extra.

Empire Industry Finance wishes you all a happy and safe holiday season. If you need your finances in order for 2021 – please head to our website ( or our Instagram (@empire_industry) to book in a free consultation to discuss our services and how we can help you reach your 2021 goals.


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