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Retail Industry Super Funds… sigh… what do we need to know?

Retail Industry Super Funds… sigh… what do we need to know?

So, let’s chat about industry super funds in Australia. These bad boys offer some sweet perks compared to other types of super funds, like retail ones. Here’s the lowdown: 

First off, let’s talk fees. Industry super funds are like the kings of low fees. Why? Because they’re usually not-for-profit setups, so they’re all about maximizing returns for their members rather than lining shareholders’ pockets.  

And speaking of returns, these funds have a solid track record. They’ve been delivering the goods when it comes to investment performance. They’re all about playing the long game with diverse strategies to give their members competitive returns. 

Now, governance might not sound like the sexiest topic, but it’s important. Industry super funds have trustee boards with equal representation from employers and employees. That means decisions are made with members’ best interests in mind, not just to rake in profits. 

Here’s a kicker: no commissions. Yup, industry super funds don’t fork out cash to financial advisors or brokers for pushing their products. That means your savings stay intact without getting nibbled away by unnecessary fees. 

Oh, and did I mention insurance? A lot of these funds offer some pretty sweet deals on life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, and income protection. And they often hook you up with group rates, saving you some coin. 

Now, let’s talk education and advice. Industry super funds are all about helping you make savvy choices about your money. They dish out resources and advice to make sure you’re clued up about your super and retirement plans. 

And because they’re all about the members, these funds go the extra mile with service and satisfaction. They’re not in it for the shareholders – it’s all about you. 

Last but not least, advocacy. These funds aren’t just about managing your money – they’re out there fighting for policies that benefit their members. Think better superannuation systems and retirement income policies. 

So, if you’re an Aussie looking to stash some cash away for the golden years, industry super funds could be just the ticket. Low fees, solid returns, member-focused governance, plus extras like insurance and financial advice – what’s not to love? 


So what are these ethical super funds about? 

Ethical Industry super funds in Australia don’t just focus on making money — they’re also big on doing good. They offer ethical investment options for folks who want their retirement savings to reflect their values. Here’s the lowdown on how they roll with ethical investing: 

Pick Your Flavour: With ethical super funds, you get to choose how your money is invested. They offer options that skip out on industries like tobacco or gambling, so you can put your money where your morals are. 

Go Green and Social: These funds are all about backing companies that play nice with the planet and society. Think clean energy, fair labor practices, and diverse leadership. 

Make a Positive Impact: Some funds go the extra mile by investing in projects that make the world a better place. That means supporting things like renewable energy, education, and affordable housing. 

Speak Up: Ethical super funds aren’t afraid to use their voice. They’ll chat with companies about cleaning up their act and vote on stuff that matters, like environmental policies. 

Keep it Real: These funds keep it real by being transparent about where your cash is going and how it’s making a difference. You can see exactly what companies you’re invested in and how they stack up ethically. 

So, if you’re keen to make a positive impact with your retirement savings, an ethical super fund could be just the ticket. You get to save for the future while making the world a better place — win-win! 


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