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Meet Frankie

How did you start in the industry?

Honest to god I was that person that came home one day and just decided to do it. My boyfriend at the time had a parent who owned clubs in the UK, so he encouraged me to try it (about the only good thing he ever did for me). I went in, did one shift, and loved it so much I sent in my notice via email that night.

How did you choose your name?

Frankie is actually my cat’s name – so it was easy to answer to! Plus she’s a very loud, sassy, slutty ginger so it works!

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to improve their stripping performance/shows?

That it’s all about stage presence and sexuality. That can mean a range of things, it doesn’t have to be out there and loud and super sexually suggestive – but find your own way of expressing your sexuality and work on commanding and controlling the audience. And eye contact. So much eye contact.

An achievement you are proud of?

Being named Australia’s number one stripper was really awesome. And just generally being so well known and so well awarded is such a privilege, getting to tour and perform wherever I want and do what I love – I’m really grateful for that.

Your best supports in the industry?

Genuinely, the girls behind Empire are so helpful. I consider them friends so whether it’s an accounting question, something financial I need help with, or me just needing to vent – they’re always there for me.

I also have some amazing industry friends – Pixie Piper, Tia Carera, Cherry Pop, and Felix Cane are there for me every day when I need them and they’re such inspirational women both in and out of the industry.

How did you hear about Empire Industry Finance?

We met at Sexpo and I was beyond honored to be approached to become Empire’s leading ambassador. I just get on so well with the team so it was an easy fit. Plus I never represent brands I wouldn’t promote for free, and it’s pretty safe to say I tell everyone about empire because they’re so fucking good at what they do.

Your funniest industry story?

I have so many random small ones but they all kind of blend together – however, the most obvious one would be when I fell during an aerial act and nearly broke my neck and died. Luckily I only broke my collar bone in four places, and it wasn’t that funny – but then I posted a picture and went viral all around the world overnight so then it became pretty funny.

Frankie is currently preparing in the lead up to Fringe World Perth, where she will be premiering two brand new one-woman shows, Final Fantasy and Menagerie.

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