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Meet Aimée

Meet Aimée

How did you start in the industry?

I started in the sex industry when I was 18 as a waitress, not topless, just a waitress at a gentleman’s club.

Why did you start a shop?

I started my own apparel Business Unlucky Apparel when I was 21, just this year in August. I started this because I struggled to find activewear that fit curvy girls that was ugly or I’ll fitting. My clothing lines ties into the automotive world too in ways it’s never been done before. I’m a proud sex worker, who still does online sex work, runs my own Apparel Business and now a shop front in my town.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a sex worker wanting to branch out into other sole trader business’?

You’ll wish you did it sooner. Maybe I didn’t believe I had the knowledge last year but I haven’t learnt anything along the way that I didn’t teach myself. I didn’t have a hand up or a handout. I started with $500. I worked really hard, sleepless nights and now less than 3 months in I’ve already hit the 15k mark.

An achievement you are proud of?

I sold 80% of my new leggings in 5 hours on the night of the launch. I see girls wearing my apparel and I cry. Every new order is an achievement that I’m most proud of. Waking up everyday knowing I’m building my empire for me and not for anyone else is so thrilling.

How did you hear about Empire Industry Finance?

A Facebook advice page.

Your funniest industry story.

8 months into waitressing, new years eve, everything was running smooth Until.. I dropped 8 full beer glasses onto a table, glass and beer went everywhere. Trying to clean up the glass and the beer 10mins till midnight had me sitting in a pile of beer and glass crying, the Dancers got in trouble trying to help me.

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I was cleaning the beer taps, and broke the tap and beer shot out at me for 5 minutes straight until my boss ran down stairs and turned off the tap. I laugh about it now but it wasn’t a great start to 2019.


Follow Aimée’s story on her Instagram: @unlucky.xo and her apparel business: @unlucky.apparel


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