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Interview with Kate Marsden, Founder of Love Hamma

Interview with Kate Marsden, Founder of Love Hamma

We were lucky enough to speak to the beautiful Kate Marsden, entrepreneur, Mumma, and founder of the successful sex toy brand ‘Love Hamma’. We dive into what inspired her idea to start her business, how it became successful, some challenges she overcame, and a little bit more about the wonderful toys she has created.

So Kate, what sparked the inspiration behind this incredible business idea?

Love Hamma was founded by myself, a single, newly divorced mother of two with nothing but the clothes on my back, who wanted to make something of herself and was looking to join the adult industry to find new, innovative toys and create something that was missing in such a saturated market. A trip to Hong Kong in 2019 would soon change my life forever.

Sat on a train to China from Hong Kong with a bag of Cashew nuts, an apple and little to no money in the bank, I set off on an expedition with a business idea and absolutely no clue whether it would take off or not, I put everything on black and designed the Love Hamma ‘the ultimate vibrator’.. 6 hours into a journey and further into the abyss, I sat in a factory in the middle of Shenzhen, China, wild guard dogs roaming the premises chewing on dildos for dog toys, with no idea if I would make it out alive….8 hours of drinking Chinese tea and 8 hours of numerous designs with nobody who spoke a word of English and the ‘Love Hamma’ was officially created.

At first glance, the Lova Hamma looks like a regular hammer. It will probably take a second glance to realise that it is an amazingly well-designed sex toy. But once you take a closer look, it quickly becomes apparent that this product has much more to offer than just its unusual design.

What were some of the challenges that you faced when you took the leap of faith to start Love Hamma?

The numerous nights I sat in my home office and cried wondering why the hell I even started, or the nights I slept on my office floor to make sure I don’t miss a 3am meeting or the nights my eyes were bleeding from working all night after putting my children to bed and then working all through the night until 8am the following morning with no sleep and having to jump straight back into being a mum and take them to school.

The countless hours spent on the phone trying to get someone to buy my products when nobody in the industry even knew who I was, or even cared for that matter. The constant ‘no’s’ I got every day from people who wouldn’t give me the time of day, but I looked at it this way…. Every no that I got I was one step closer to somebody saying yes, and I just kept going with the hope someone would give me a chance, and they eventually did.

Your persistence to keep going is incredibly admirable, you must have been eager to launch Love Hamma to the world after all of your sleepless nights and hard work. How did that go?

I officially launched the Love Hamma at the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas January 2020 and it was a massive hit with retailers and distributors in the industry. 5 of the craziest days of my life and the Love Hamma was on its way to stardom… “It was like a scene set from a movie, one minute we’re sat in a spectacular penthouse surrounded by stripper poles and famous porn stars and the next we were dining in the most beautiful fine dining restaurants you could ever imagine”, worlds away from the life that I as a single mother was accustomed to.

Landing back in Australia, full of enthusiasm ready to ship the Love Hamma worldwide when COVID struck and changed the world as we know it. My factory had shut down and the business came to a complete standstill. 12 months of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears and 18 hours days seemed like it was all for nothing, and it was back to square one. Fast forward another 18 months of 18-hour days, working two jobs and the Love Hamma is officially a worldwide success, released in stores across Australia, America, UK, Europe, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand and is now sold online across the globe.

It goes to show that hard work pays off, and if you have faith in your vision it can completely change your life. Ourselves and our wonderful EMPIRE clients would love to learn more about your revolutionary product, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

The Love Hamma is a unisex sex toy and the medical grade, soft silicone vibrator features three pleasure stimulators:

The soft Hamma head tips (better known as the rabbit ears) vibrate with ten different speed options and is a multi-speed function, so you can work up to your desired intensity.

Sounds like a dream, please do tell us more….

The Love Hamma shaft is an insertable vibrator for blissful internal stimulation and is controlled on a separate button to the hamma head. With 7 inches of insertable shaft, and ten vibrational speeds, the Love Hamma has two ribbed options for you to choose from:

A long, thick straight edge Hamma shaft for the ultimate, deep penetration and secondly, a long, curved edge Hamma shaft for targeted G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation, with both options taking you to mind blowing orgasms. The love hamma shaft is also a multi-speed function. Whether you prefer hard or soft play, you can work through the vibration speeds and find your designed pleasure level.

The third function is the shaft thrusting feature with a pneumatic, thrusting motion giving you the ultimate thrusting feel. Again, with ten different vibrational speeds to work up to your desired intensity. The Love Hamma is also USB rechargeable, so you never have to worry about changing batteries.

The Love Hamma also comes with its very own ‘Pleasure Pouch’ A soft, leather look pouch designed to hold toys, lubes and any other desires while providing sexual visual appeal. The Pleasure Pouch provides hands free play, making it easy to reach your lubes and sex toys with no disruption and is great for those who love to roleplay.

Toys can be turned on and ready to go in the pouch, with no fumbling around or awkward pause to find toys or lube. The soft smooth material of the pouch feels sensual against the skin with smooth soft touch pockets making it easy for toys and lube to be placed and removed as required.

What is your mission for Love Hamma and a long-term goal that you have in place?

Now a global internet ‘Tik Tok’ famous sensation and nominated for numerous global awards, the Love Hamma is now one of the US’s fasting selling new sex toys and I’m now set on a mission to make this the number one selling vibrator across the globe.

Thanks for speaking with us Kate!


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