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Guest Collaboration: Morgan Sommers

We would love to introduce a client who has successfully been in the adult industry for over 20 years! Morgan Sommers – a show girl, dancer and performer. Morgan shares her story and also gives some great advice that only a veteran could!

How did you begin in the industry?

I began my career over 2 decades ago in the industry in 1995, I had recently moved out of home and funnily enough answered an ad in the newspaper for waitresses & dancers to work with toffees agency. I had been introduced to how much fun and how much money could be made by close friends and an older sister who worked for Raunchy Girls agency on the pub circuit in Adelaide.

I worked the stripper pub circuit and then began working as a showgirl when I turned 18. I did this at The Crazy Horse in Adelaide under the name Lolli. I began touring the country in 1998 as a feature showgirl due to winning my first National Title & competition, Miss Erotica Australia in Melbourne.

How did you choose your showgirl name?

In 2001 I won Miss Nude Australia & Miss Nude world. I did the name change from Lolli to Morgan Sommers as I felt I wanted to go into the national pageant with a more showgirl name. So my two closest friends and I picked something original.

What is your advice for people wanting to go into the industry?

After a long 25 years in the industry my advice to anyone wanting to start out or have a long career performing would be to pay and outsource updating your skills. The adult industry is like any industry the times change and as this happens you need to grow with it to stay relevant. When I began performing we were all self-taught there were no aerial, fire twirling or pole schools now it is all at our finger tips so make the most of it. Spend the money and invest in great props and costumes. I still have and use some of my first ones I had made! It is all a big part of your performance there’s nothing worse than seeing an amazing performer wearing an online, off the rack cheap costume.

What is something you are proud of achieving in the industry?

I am really proud of my achievement that I am the only Showgirl to have won all 4 National & International titles! Miss Erotica Australia, Mis Nude Australia, Miss Nude World, Miss Nude Universe, and I was the first ever Australian entertainer to be invited to compete at Nudes a Poppin in 2007. There I won Miss Nude Galaxy runner up.

How do you find supports in the industry?

I think to feel fully supported in the industry you need to have a club or environment to work in that you feel safe and appreciated. It is important to have good management and a great group of close work friends that you can trust to work as a team to make it fun. Emotionally we all need that on the quieter nights.

I love how we all support each other for life once a sex worker, always a proud supporter of sex workers.


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