Empire x Sweet Release

It’s time to announce to our exciting brand partnership with Sweet Release Agency!

One of Empire’s most important values is to maintain and connect with genuine businesses that support our industry and share a similar mindset. We are here to support and build our clients through empowerment and shared knowledge. Building relationships allow us to offer you additional referrals and recommendations to help you run your business, whether you’re a sole trader or company.

Who is Sweet Release?

Sweet Release is an adult business and adult entertainment marketing and digital media agency. They are THE #1 Adult Entertainment and Adult Business Marketing, Media, Public Relations, Advertising and Talent Management Agency in the world trusted by thousands globally.

Sweet Release offer end-to-end services for (but certainly aren’t limited to):

    • Escorts
    • Brothels
    • Sex Shops
    • Adult Events
    • Film Studios
    • Porn Stars


These services include:

    • Adult Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Adult Branding
    • Adult Content
    • Adult Publicity
    • Adult Website
    • Adult Social Media
    • Adult Video Marketing
    • Adult Photography
    • Email Marketing

So what’s in it for you or your business?