Meet Linda

“I’m Linda and I am the Director and founder of Empire Industry Finance.

Back in the early 2000’s I was working as a dancer myself on the Gold Coast and for the first time I found myself heading off to an accountant to get a tax return done as a sole trader. The experience was not an overly great one, and on top of that, living in a small town, I was hoping what I was doing for work was going to stay in those 4 walls.

That experience lead me to do my own tax return the following year and I found that I really enjoyed it. So, I enrolled into Uni and began on my path to a career in accounting.

Throughout my study I continued to dance and upon finishing I found myself helping other girls I worked with to sort out and keep track of their finances.

When I began my own practice a few years ago, some of my first clients were girls from the industry. This then gave me the idea to start Empire Industry, the first finance and accounting practice solely dedicated to helping those working in the arts and entertainment industry.

We are growing rapidly and hope to help many more of you get on top of your finances and reach all your financial goals!”

Linda Mirams – Director & Founder